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Salonware Software is a world leader in providing solutions and development for spa management and appointment software. Developed by industry professionals for industry professionals. We offer a scheduling system with unprecedented ease-of-use and point of sale features that enhance your business management.  Our products offer a wide variety of services. 

A Management System That Boasts Special Features

Invest in a management software that offers a wide variety of features.  Systems include appointment scheduling, reporting and point of sale tools.

When your clients come to your business, they are looking for an opportunity to relax and be pampered. By investing in innovative salon software, you are creating an enhanced experience for every one of your customers. Spa management is not always an easy job; often people are found juggling between scheduling appointments, payments, and inventory, on top of ensuring customer satisfaction. Purchasing salon software for your establishment will help you maintain your sanity and give your clients the experience they are looking for when they visit your business. With the implementation of this appointment scheduling system, you will be equipped with all the tools you need to run your business effectively and efficiently.


Contributes to Successful Businesses

The main purpose of our systems is to establish positive relationships with clients and hospitality institutions. Business owners that purchase Salon Spaware will be given essential tools, such as appointment scheduling, that are crucial to running an efficient establishment. Clients of your company will never miss another meeting with this software's auto email reminder. Part of business management is retaining profits and email reminders will ensure that your clients arrive at your business on time and on the correct date. Another impressive feature of this appointment scheduling software is its security. When you run a business, you want to hold your client's confidentiality and their records to the utmost importance. The security management features of the system ensure that only authorized individuals can access client records and information with biometric technology or fingerprint scanners. Although these features are only a small glimpse of what this appointment scheduling system has to offer, the tools it provides you with will help make running your salon or spa a streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective process.

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Starting a new salon can be more complex than many people realize, but the right software can help manage clients, staff, appointments and more. Set your new spa up for success with the right software tools. Our suites help organize appointments, send reminders to clients, and so much more.

Intuitive/Easy Interface

The Most Comprehensive System on the Market

One issue many business owners run into when they purchase software is that the software is not comprehensive and lacks necessary features crucial to running a hospitality geared establishment. Salon Spaware is the most inclusive management technology on the market. This appointment scheduling system was designed specifically with the hair, beauty, and medical industries in mind. Because of this, your spa will not be compromised for the peaceful, tranquil, and professional atmosphere you have diligently worked to create. Although the initial scheduling technology can be used without point of sale capabilities, this system feature can be installed to provide you with further convenience. This appointment software allows the visitors of your salon or spa to not only be satisfied with your services, but with the efficient and effective manner in which you run your company.

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Salons and spas are some of the most rewarding but difficult small businesses you can run. How do you get the most out of your business? Our software can help streamline the day-to-day activities of your business with touch screen compatability, an easy to use interface and many features designed for spas and salons.

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