Luke was AMAZING!! Saved me HOURS of work!! Thank you so much for all your help!! You are very talented in your job! Keep up the awesome work!  Amazing experience!!
Earthbound Beauty Day Spa..

Terry always patiently listens to our concerns and issues and solves them as quickly as possible.
Trudy: Bravo Salon

Spoke to rep immediately instead of being on hold for extended period of time while trying to run business!
Ruth: Essentials spa & wellness

Adam was very professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and took care of our request. Again, like always. Thank you.
Gerald: Metropolitan Day Spa

Appreciated Adams positive happy attitude! Thanks dude
Stacey: Casablanca Spa

Thank you for your patience and support --- you help save our business today. Kathryn Barker
Excellent, immediate response and very calm voice in a crisis situation for us.

I love your techinical support, they always work so quickly and efficiently it's fantastic to have them especially when they can take over my screen and just do it for me. Adam was great, just like all of your tech support team!! Thanks so much!
Nicole: MedSpa Helene

Always an amazing experience...everyone is very helpful. :))
Yvonne: Enliven Spa

Luke was stupendous. He was very helpful and very knowledgeable. He has me extremely excited on the information he gave me to help me better with the system. What I like most about the assistance from Luke was he was very patient and compassionate. He helped me every step of the way. I was extremely pleased. If I ever need assistance I would love to have Luke assist me. Thanks a whole lot.
Suzanne: Lash Loft

Thank you for your help! Cori Doble -Demandforce :)
Excellent! Lorand was very responsive and helpful. Got the sync done. Thank you!

Brad was great. He worked with our computer guy and fixed the problem. I have to say he was very patient as well!!  It was wonderful the problem was resolved and pretty quickly
Skin Prophecy

TERRY IS FAST AND GETS WHAT i AM saying in my laymans terms.