Increasing Exposure

Allow your clients to create appointments online, increasing exposure and availability of your services. Clients booking online will free up your front desk staff and allow them to use more of the marketing features of our software.

Automated Email Marketing

Communicate efficiently with customers through automatic email blasts and newsletters.  Let Salonware Software give you more time to serve your clients, and leave the marketing automation to us.

Referral and Rewards Program

Your clients want to tell their family and friends about your great services, you need to give them an incentive. The best marketing you will ever do is having a referrals and rewards system in place. Our software automatically gives incentives on a Rewards Card for referring a friend and our salons have seen a dramatic increase in revenue with our program.

Automated Text Messaging

Confirming appointments by text message just makes sense. Economical and convenient and your clients will love the service. Text messaging will save hours of manpower and is completely automatic. An added feature of the Online Booking is it also gives your staff the capability to view their schedules for the future from any internet connection. 

Facebook - Twitter

Get a cancellation? Available time slots? Use the power of social media to your advantage.Salonware/Spaware can automatically post to Facebook & Twitter and fill your schedule with the click of a mouse!!