Improve Your Health and Beauty Enterprise

The right software can improve the performance of a health and beauty enterprise.

Interesting Fact: People have believed in the healing power of mineral springs since prehistoric times.

Interesting Fact: The word "spa" comes from the town of Spa, Belgium, whose mineral springs were famous in Roman times.

Why do salons fail?

It is easy to blame the struggling economy for the difficulties that many salon owners have faced in recent years. The downturn in the economy has impacted every business, not only salons.  When the economy fell, many people cut out what they considered unnecessary expenses.  This means less frequent trips or even cutting out the salon altogether. 

However, while the economic downturn certainly contributes, there are many other issues that impact a salon’s viability.  Perhaps the biggest reason is poor business management.  Many salon owners know how to provide great services but either don’t understand or forget that they are running a business trying to turn a profit.  It’s best to either have a partner that understands business or learn it as quickly as possible.  Poor business decisions can also turn into poor time management.  Salons are no different than any other business in that the more efficiently and effectively they run, the more profitable they are. These are some of the largest issues facing salon owners, combined with rising business costs, staff turnover, and the difficulty of managing their assets efficiently, it’s easy to see why so many salons fail.

What software do salons use? 

Some use a simple point of sale (POS) system, basic bookkeeping (such as QuickBooks), and some use none at all.  However, the most cost effective and efficient software is one designed specifically for that industry.  These systems are designed to run everything from appointment scheduling to automated marketing.  By using a specialized suite like SalonSpaware spa and salon management tools, salons can greatly increase efficiency and as a result their profitability.

How can I make my salon busy? 

There are two areas a salon can increase their business.  They can find new clients, which will be discussed in the next paragraph.  A more commonly forgotten way to generate more business is through their existing customers.  Some methods that can help salons improve in this area are to provide quality results with great customer service.  If necessary, train the staff in areas the salon is underwhelming.  Another area that can get results is to get automated.  Track everything possible to see what works and what falls short.  Make sure to use an automated schedule system that sends out reminders and promotions.     

How to attract new clients to a salon: 

It all comes down to how the salon markets themselves.  Even on a limited budget, a salon can generate new leads.  Use social media by sharing photos, testimonials, and promotions.  Encourage people to share their experiences with you by giving referral incentives. Be creative with it.  Most importantly, take the time and effort to show the salon off.  Setting aside 20 minutes a day for marketing will help the business to develop and grow.

What is salon management software? 

These are programs designed specifically with salons’ daily operations in mind.  They will run everything from the front end to the back.  Using software designed solely for salons can make daily operations more simple and efficient.   

What software do I need for my salon? 

This depends on the salon.  The best way to pick a software program is to first evaluate what the salons needs are.  Establish a list of features that have the most impact and research the programs based on the created list.  This will make the search easier and provide the greatest results for the salon.