Salon Software is specifically designed for the hair, beauty, spa and medical Industry. SpaWare, SalonWare and MDWare is packed with powerful features, it’s easy to learn and easy to use!

We know you've worked hard to create a tranquil, peaceful, feel good environment for your clients. At Salon Spa Software we understand how important your business environment is and that’s why we created SpaWare, SalonWare and MDWare. We have combined our most outstanding features to create a package to help make running your business a whole lot simpler.

Auto Email Appointment Reminder

With SalonWare/SpaWare increase sales and revenue with automatic email appointment confirmations. After creating an appointment, an automatic email is sent to the client, ensuring they are reminded of their appointment date and time.


Security is of the utmost importance when running a business. Ensure that only authorized people can access your information with our biometric scanner, or fingerprint technology. The scanner also ensures that authorized person can access relevant information with ease.

Touch Screen

Touch screen technology is clearly the future of computing and almost all of our competitors are unusable in a touch screen environment. Our intuitive touch screen technology allows you to quickly access the information that you need. Image is everything and you want your clients seeing you run modern technology to go along with your modern image.

Statistics show that 75% of complaints in a salon/spa setting relate to what happens outside the rooms, which includes the reception area, taking appointments, process flow, check out, etc.

Track Inventory

Reduce waste and missing inventory. Our inventory tracking system keeps you organized, ensuring that you do not overstock, do to miscalculation. With SalonWare/SpaWare, lower incidents of stealing or “skimming” through tracking your stock.

Full Exporting of Reports to Excel

For increased convenience work on and store your reports on another computer, with our fully exportable reports to Excel.

Quickbooks Interface

Quickbooks compatible, SalonWare/SpaWare is able to interface across systems for accounting ease.

Staff Tracking

Our at a glance, staff tracking system allows you to see where each employee is scheduled, and for what time. Increase organization and eliminate double-booking with our tracking system, ensuring that everyone is working efficiently.

Sales Summary

Our month-by-month sales summary encourages long-term planning and goal-setting. This function allows you to plan ahead and establish a long-term plan for you, your staff, and your business.

Settings window

The “heart” of the backend where you can tell the SalonSoftware who your staff are, what services you do, what products you sell and the pricing. This salon software dashboard makes managing your business quick and easy.

Staff Motivation

Analytics is a module that allows you to set targets for your staff. Motivation is a crucial piece in the success of both your business and staff. Salonware/Spaware easily ensures this success!!