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We provide a functional software system that creates cohesive spa management services.

Spaware is the most innovative software available

Whether you just opened up a spa or have been running one for several years, Spaware has the capability to change the way your business operates for the better. Individuals that have purchased this system and implemented it into their procedures, have noticed an increased level of customer satisfaction and found that running their business was much easier. With the enhanced marketing features of this software, you will find that regular patrons of your establishment become dedicated to your spa, and new customers discover and benefit from your services every day. This Spaware was designed to assist individuals that run a business in the hair, medical, and beauty industries achieve a strong and reliable customer base.

For health facilities large and small, Spaware can be employed seamlessly

While spa software may be extremely beneficial for larger health and beauty establishments, it can also have noticeably positive effects on smaller businesses just starting out. The environment you have created in your spa will only be enhanced with this system. With capabilities such as inventory tracking, email appointment reminders, staff tracking, and a Quickbooks interface, you will have all the tools you need to continue producing a positive environment for your clients. When Spaware is implemented into your business, you will notice a positive change in your daily operations. This software will fit perfectly into your location and instantly begin producing positive effects on your spa.

The features of Spaware increase productivity

One reason our package is the leading spa software in the industry is due to its abilities to increase productivity among your employees. With the staff tracking feature available in this system, you will no longer be forced to use ineffective methods to find out when your employees are scheduled to work. This will help you to stay organized and not make the mistake of double booking an employee. When you increase the productivity of your spa with this software, one of the effects is usually an augmentation in revenue. The sales summary feature of Spaware will allow you to track your monthly sales and plan ahead for the coming months. With the long-term planning and goal setting tools that also come with this software, you will be able to expand and move your business forward with these goals in mind and documented. Spaware's innovative technology and advanced features will help you enhance the atmosphere of your spa while satisfying customers and increasing revenue.