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A POS system that provides online appointment scheduling makes Spaware the management tool of choice.

This salon POS system helps with more than just booking appointments

When going to your favorite salon or spa, the idea is to relax. You want the process to go as smoothly as possible, without frazzled employees disturbing you or your appointment getting lost in the system. Spaware is a salon POS scheduling system that enhances the client experience every time they visit your health and beauty business. With features like online appointment scheduling and a referral and rewards program, as well as an easy layout for employees to operate, spas that have installed this software continually see an improvement in the way their business functions. Users gain clients that want to visit them regularly due to their commitment to efficiency and comfort. This salon POS system specializes in online appointment scheduling and a wide variety of other select features, enabling your business's daily operations to run smoothly.

Spaware is the management tool of choice for salon owners

One reason health and beauty business owners advocate the use of Spaware is that this salon POS system comes with all the features they need to run their business successfully. With added features for convenience-like online appointment scheduling, and an easy to use format that all their employees are able to operate with ease-Spaware has become the top choice for salon owners on the market for a new POS system. When you invest in this online appointment scheduling software, you will be thoroughly briefed by a representative on how to use the extensive features that come with this software. Once your training session is over and you begin to implement the unique tools that come with this software, you won't be forced to figure out concerns on your own. Spaware is known for its helpful email and technical support.

This online scheduling software is innovative and affordable

Finding software that is reliable, original, and user-friendly at an affordable price can be difficult. Spaware is technologically advanced and will fit into any business's budget. This POS system can be purchased with only one small monthly fee. Online appointment scheduling, extensive marketing features, and salon management tools, like inventory management and staff tracking, will all be available for you to use when you invest in this program. Spaware was developed to fit the specific needs of beauty businesses everywhere, and you will find every feature it comes with useful to yours. If you have been looking for a POS system that will positively transform the way your salon or spa runs and manages online appointments, look no further than Spaware.