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Salon Spaware Point of Sale (POS) system is an Essential Piece of Equipment for Beauty Spa Management

Nail polish and shampoo aren't the only tools you need to run a spa or salon. You also need an equipment system for point of sale management.

Running a health and beauty business requires a wide variety of equipment and talented employees. One feature you may not realize is completely necessary to running a successful health and beauty business is Point of Sale (POS) solution. If you are opening up a new salon or spa, or are looking to revamp the one you currently manage, add a Point of Sale system to the list of equipment you need to purchase. Not only does our scheduling feature help you establish a strong customer base and keep your employees happy, but it will make your daily operations run more smoothly. Unlike other POS solutions on the market, Spaware equipment was created specifically for the health and beauty industries, making it the top choice for salon management.

Spaware is a Point of Sale management system that will keep your health & beauty business running efficiently

Spaware is an essential piece of equipment that your beauty salon or health spa will benefit highly from. This is because this Point of Sale (POS) system comes fully equipped with a variety of useful features that you can implement into your daily tasks. Spaware's top of the line scheduling equipment will ensure that none of your client's appointments are lost, and that all of your customer's private information is adequately stored for utmost security. If you run a health spa, one of your main responsibilities may be tracking your employees and scheduling them to work according to their availability. Salon Spaware POS has an employee tracking system that will ensure you always have enough individuals scheduled to work, and that no two employees with the same duties overlap due to glitches in your scheduling system. With other innovative features, such as inventory tracking and monthly sales summaries, your beauty salon or spa will see the growth that you wish it to achieve.

This cohesive Point of Sale (POS) system makes scheduling easy

When you have a customer come into your beauty salon or health spa, chances are they don't have a lot of time to waste after their appointment concludes. Spaware's POS equipment will keep your business on track by getting your customers in on time and out the door with a new appointment in your books. A streamlined spa scheduling system is a necessary piece of  beauty salon equipment, and Spaware's scheduling is easy to use and efficient. Your employees will appreciate working with a POS solution that isn't difficult to use and your customers will be pleased with the email reminders and appointment confirmations they receive once they schedule an appointment with your health spa. This comprehensive POS equipment from Spaware will make handling appointments at your location an easy process.