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Salon Spaware is the best management software, providing online booking, reporting functions and payment compatibility.

Spaware is the leading salon software on the market

Running a health and beauty business can be a rewarding career. However, without the right online booking system, salon owners might find that their daily duties become stressful and monotonous. Spaware is the best program available to spa owners because it covers the mundane duties that take enjoyment out of running a spa. One reason Spaware is the best salon software on the market is because it services all individuals at your health and beauty business. For example, the easy-to-use features will help your employees schedule new appointments easily and check clients in without hassle. Your customers will appreciate the streamlined approach to scheduling that this online booking software offers, and your daily operations will run smoothly with staff and inventory management tools.

A comprehensive list of useful features makes this system stand out against competitors

When you purchase online booking software, you don't want to spend extra time and money installing and figuring out several different programs that will cover all of your business's needs. Spaware is the best salon system available because it comes with an inclusive list of useful features. The marketing features include tools such as automatic appointment confirmations, online appointment booking, and a referral and rewards system for customers. This online booking software also comes with easy staff management tools like one-touch calendars, goal achievement and tracking, as well as staff motivation tools. Spaware's top of the line hardware, accessible touch screen capabilities, and biometric security scanner-on top of the marketing and staff management features-make this system this best salon software on the market.

First class training and support is available to users

When Spaware is delivered to your salon or spa, you won't be left on your own to install the program and figure out how to use it. This is one downfall of other online booking programs that other salons in your area may be dealing with. Spaware is the best salon software because a representative will quickly install the program to function in your business and will give you a personalized one-on-one training course that covers all the best features of this online booking program. Even after the initial set up, you will have a team of professionals from Spaware at your disposal to help you handle any problems or concerns you might encounter. Live support is available by phone or by email ensuring that any issues you run into can be taken care of and resolved quickly, allowing your salon to keep running like normal. This elite software is comprehensive, affordable, user friendly-and is the best choice for a positive impact on your salon's daily operations.