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Salon Spaware is a management software that embodies all the benefits of a full function POS system.

What to look for in a POS system

Management of any type of retail or service business likely requires a point of sale (POS) system to handle transactions, track orders, and to help you streamline the exchange of funds between your clients and your business. If you have been looking for salon POS software but aren't entirely sure what the system should include, there are several things you need to look for. Don't settle for a generic system that doesn't fully benefit your health and beauty business. Spaware's management software goes above and beyond any other POS technology on the market and is specifically designed for the health and beauty industries. Having this Spaware point of sale technology at your business's location will add to your overall client experience when patrons visit your salon.

Spaware works as a fully equipped POS system with added benefits

When you purchase Spaware's spa management software, you will be outfitted with all the necessary features that come with general point of sale systems, such as cash out abilities and the technology to view your client's appointments quickly and easily. However, the added features that come with this salon POS management system significantly outdo any other technology like this on the market. With intuitive features such as staff tracking, sales summaries, and an extensive settings window, you will be able to easily keep your salon or spa's daily operations on track. If you have been looking for spa management software that does more than just show you when your clients are scheduled, Salon Spaware is the ideal software to implement into your business management. The features that come with this software are streamlined, efficient, and extremely user friendly ensuring that you won't struggle to train new or existing employees on the program.

This innovative technology comes to you at a low price

If you have thought about investing in spa management software in the past but weren't willing to fully commit yourself to it because of price, Spaware will erase any notions you have that salon POS systems are unaffordable. For only a small monthly fee and a "lease to own" program, Spaware is extremely economical. Many salon and spa owners that were struggling to cover all the costs associated with their business found that investing in this POS system was one of the best decisions they made for their business. At a low price, this salon software has the ability to move your business's financial future in a positive direction. Spaware is a fully featured, inexpensive, and comprehensive salon POS system that will absolutely transform the way your salon operates.