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Salon Spaware provides easy appointment planning software.

Spaware's scheduling software is easy to use

You likely have many individuals working in your spa that all utilize the same hair salon software you installed at your location. Chances are, not every one of your employees is a computer programmer or technological genius, and if you have hair salon scheduling software that is complicated and faulty, you may just end up with a host of irritated employees. With Spaware's hair salon scheduling system, your business will be equipped with a variety of useful features including innovative timetable software that is easy to use. With touch screen capabilities, your employees will learn the ins and outs of our appointment scheduling feature in no time, letting them get back to satisfying their clients.

Salonware will make planning hair appointments efficient and reliable

Other scheduling systems on the market may not be as reliable as Spaware. When you have a client at your location wanting to make an appointment, you want them to be able to schedule them in easily without wasting their time or losing their information. With this salon software, your clients will be able to schedule their next appointment without hassle right after they are done at your business, solidifying your customer base easily. For your client's convenience, this hair salon scheduling system allows your customers to make future appointments online, without risking their security or personal information. One of the best features of this software is that it will send your clients automatic confirmations, and also give your clients email appointment reminders a few days before they are scheduled to come into your hair salon. Spaware's appointment scheduling software will help your business stand out above the others in your area and ensure that your customers keep visiting your salon on a regular basis.

If something goes wrong, our live support team will be there to help

While Spaware's hair salon software is extremely reliable and user friendly, there may come a day where you are unsure how to use a certain feature of this scheduling system. When you purchase this scheduling software, you won't be left on your own after it is installed in your salon. Once you have Spaware's program implemented into your hair styling business, you will receive a complete and thorough training that will give you confidence to operate it correctly. With live phone support and live online support, you will never be faced with a problem that can't be solved quickly and accurately. If you have been looking for scheduling software to use in your salon, Spaware will benefit you, your employees and your customers with its easy to use features and dependability.