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Software from Salon Spaware Provides a Full Customer Management & POS System with Appointment Booking

Salon Spaware POS system takes spa customer management and appointment booking to a whole new level

Have you ever scheduled a meeting somewhere only to find that they can't find your appointment in the system when you arrive? If this has ever happened to you, you understand how frustrating this can be. Salon & spa management professionals realize that when customers come to their location they want their appointment to be relaxing, and this starts the moment they check in at the front desk. Salon Spaware's POS software is a revolutionary system with efficient appointment booking capabilities. To ensure that your customers don't forget about their scheduled date, Spaware's POS appointment booking software is also able to send out emails shortly before clients are scheduled to visit your spa. With this fully functioning POS system, your employees will never lose customer information or scheduled appointment again, resulting in satisfied customers and spa management alike.

With Spaware management POS system, all elements of your daily spa operations are covered

When it comes to spa customer management, finding a POS and appointment booking system that has all the features you need can be difficult. Salon Spaware's appointment booking software was designed specifically with the beauty and health spa industries in mind, ensuring that business owners are not left with gaps in their daily operations. With the POS software's added features such as inventory & customer management, touch screen technology, and marketing abilities, the productivity levels in your business will flourish. No longer will you be stuck with too few employees or not enough customers. For a low monthly fee, you will be able to rest a little easier knowing that the daily operations of your spa are all covered by the features of our salon management system.

Spaware will make a positive impact on your company

Oftentimes, spa management and booking software lacks the ingenuity to function in a way that is beneficial to all members of your salon. You want a POS system with appointment booking software that benefits you, your employees, and your customers. When you purchase Spaware, your employees will be able to operate the system easily, letting your customers experience the relaxing and pampered service they have come to expect from your salon. Not only will your client's visits to your spa be hassle free, but your business management will become a simple and streamlined set of tasks. With the sales summary tool and staff and inventory tracking capabilities, you will be given the ability to manage all of your daily activities and appointment booking from one fully operational POS system. If you have been looking for a spa management software that is easy to use, will positively impact your employees and clients, and will make managing your salon a breeze, Spaware is the right choice.