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Beauty salon management provided in one unique software system from Spaware.

Everything you need comes in one exceptional system

Managing a health and beauty business is a unique endeavor that is unlike any other. You want an operating software that will enhance the atmosphere you've worked hard to instill in your salon. Spaware's salon management software was created to effectively match the needs of health and beauty business owners nationwide. When you purchase this beauty salon software, you will find that every aspect of managing your company is covered in this extensive system. You will not be forced to purchase a separate POS system in addition to this software because it comes with an array of easy-to-use functions that are imperative to running your beauty business successfully.

Beauty Salon Management is easy with this system's assortment of features

Keeping tabs on all of your employees while making sure all of your customers are one hundred percent satisfied is a huge job in and of itself. However, throw your management duties-such as tracking inventory and scheduling employees-on top of this and you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed. Spaware is a beauty spa software that will make handling all of your daily operations much simpler. With this salon management system, you will find that your business becomes a joy to run and not so much of a daily struggle. The features that come with Spaware's beauty salon software are comprehensive and include tools like staff and inventory tracking, appointment scheduling, sales summary, cash out, and many more, ensuring that your salon operates efficiently on a daily basis. If you have looked into another type of spa management software in the past, you may have been disappointed by the limited features included. However, with Spaware, you will find that the comprehensive features of this software cover all aspects of running a successful beauty spa.

With simple marketing tools, your business will grow

As a health and beauty business owner, it is natural that you want your business to thrive and expand. One feature of Spaware's beauty salon software that makes it so revolutionary is that it comes with several simple marketing tools meant to increase your clientele base and keep your regular patrons coming back. This salon management software includes features like automated email marketing and a referral and rewards program, as well as ways to increase your exposure on the internet. These marketing features will make you stand out against your competitors and help establish your business as the place to go in your community. For one low monthly fee, this innovative and unique salon management system from Spaware can positively transform the way your health and beauty business operates and is perceived.